Sugar And Brain Health

There is a doctor advising that sugar has benefits for your brain. Like of course we know that!! That is

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Desk Jobs Double The Risk Of Premature Death

A new study out advises that having a desk job doubles your risk of premature death. I would not find

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Recovery is a …….

Last month was a one of milestones for me in a way. I managed to increase my step count dramatically

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Best Diet For Older People

I noticed an article in the Daily Express which was about the best diet for older people. Since I appear

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Combat Frailty By Exercising THIS Part Of The Body

I noticed an article in the Daily Express titled “Bone fracture risk: Combat frailty by exercising THIS part of the

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New Rules For Exercising If You’re Over 50

This post relates to me, and a few of the people I train with on a regular basis. I think

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Soya In Your Diet And Good Health

Is cutting soya from your diet the secret to good health? It seems like a strange question to ask, but

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Most Steps In A Month

Got to the end of August and finally achieved another one of my objectives. I managed to get more than

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Time, not material goods, ‘raises happiness’

This is something I could have told you a long time ago. In our ever increasingly busy lifestyles we are

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The Core-Shredding Abs Exercise You’re Probably Not Doing

I saw this write up online about the “Core Shredding Exercise I Was Probably Not Doing” and got a bit

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My 10,000 Step Challenge

Another minor achievement today. I have finally managed to do 10,000 steps before getting into the office this morning at

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Finally Back Online

Its been a long few days and I have finally managed to get back online. Sorry to anyone who has

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