Drinking wine daily can SLASH the risk of early death

Guess its something we have all heard about, but it is nice to get some confirmation that the odd drink of wine can reduce the risk of early death. And in some cases beer too. Not that I drink much anymore. That being said, is that the case for everyone, or does how active you […]

How Often And Long Should You Exercise?

How many times a week should you exercise, and how long should your workouts be? It’s crucial to factor in rest days too. I saw this question posed online, and was very sceptical about the advice before I read some of the articles, but to be honest I have to admit it was a pleasant […]

Burpees And Other Full Body Exercises

I saw a couple of articles in the news that I found quite interesting regarding burpees and other full body exercises. The first one was discussing how to do a burpee correctly, and the second was about doing exercises that could replace a burpee. Some of the replacement exercises are quite interesting, and I do […]

I Like My Meat But…

There is a write up about what goes into our fast food meat these days, and I got curious to read more. You see my question is, is there really a difference between the fast food meat, and the meat you would buy from a butchers? And if so, how can you get more information […]

Three Minutes Of Exercise Equals 30 Minutes In The Gym

These are the words of an expert apparently, three minutes of exercise is equivalent to 30 minutes moderate exercise in the gym. Now, I do not want to sound mean, but I have researched this person (a bit), and to be honest, he does not appear to even be doing the 3 minutes he suggests. […]