Burpees And Other Full Body Exercises

Burpees And Other Full Body Exercises

I saw a couple of articles in the news that I found quite interesting regarding burpees and other full body exercises. The first one was discussing how to do a burpee correctly, and the second was about doing exercises that could replace a burpee.

Some of the replacement exercises are quite interesting, and I do quite a few of them (or variations of them) anyway.

I also find that there are many I could recommend that are not on the list, like spiderman pushups, and low stairclimb.

Anyway, the instructions on doing a burpee correctly are pretty strange if you look at the YouTube videos. I cannot understand why they believe you should do burpees and lie flat on your chest. In fact the more I looked at YouTube and saw the way people were demonstrating burpees, the more confused I became. Have I been doing them wrong all my life?

Anyway, I have attached some of the demos below, and links to the searches are at the bottom of the post..

How To Do A Burpee

Alternatives To Burpees

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