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In 2016 I turned 50. I was at a crossroads as everything I have experienced up to now was from a perspective where I felt I was still rising, or had at least levelled off. Now I felt I had climbed to the top of a very steep hill, and the only way I could head now was down.

I have always been a glass half full type of person, and so I wanted to see how much I still had left in me. My aim was to find out how much the preceding 30 adult years had taken out of me. I made myself a promise to be the best that I could be by the time I got to my 50th birthday. I had 18 months to my birthday, so wanted to see what I could do.

My realisation was that even though I was a lot older, I was also potentially as young as I feel. I also began to realise how much impact my mental state had on my well being.

Being resigned to feeling or acting in the way you expect to be can only serve to make you more comfortable, but potentially unhealthy in your mentality.

I found that even though I was at what I believed was an acceptable level of fitness, I also had the potential to improve beyond my current expectations. After many years of being comfortable, I dropped two stone in weight. I also found my running pace increased to where my best time of 24:45 for my 5 km run time (which stood for at least 15 years) fell to 22:10 before Christmas 2016, and 21:40 in 2017.

I also found the way I trained interested a lot of people who use the same gym as me, to the point where some would want to join in and train with me, and some would ask the gym who the instructor was taking the class. I still have to explain to a lot of people that I am not an instructor (yet), and I am not taking a class.

Anyway, the enthusiasm of these people made me realise that I may have something to share, and that along with my frustration at trying to find the information I wanted on the web made me decide I needed a website of my own.

Welcome to one and all. Come and join me to see if there is something here that can help you to improve your own health and fitness


Personal Trainer and Group Training Coach
YMCA 100%
Fitness Level 3 Certified
YMCA 100%
Fitness Level 2 Certified
YMCA 100%
HIIT Qualified
YMCA 100%
Kettlebell Qualified
YMCA 100%
Padwork Qualified
YMCA 100%
Supple Strength Qualified
YMCA 100%