CircuitStrong And The Four Pillars OF Strength

Whenever you go to the gym, do you ask yourself some simple questions? What is your objective. What are you trying to achieve?

We can assist at CircuitStrong, by aligning your training with our 4 pillars of strength


Muscular Skeletal Frame

To move yourself or other objects. Not only the area of body builders and power lifters. We should all be capable to moving our own frame if there are no physical reasons preventing us from doing so.


Cardiac and Circulatory System

To find something extra, even when you feel there is no more to give. Your stamina is your enduring strength. It is the engine that keeps you going when there is a requirement for a second wind, or there is just nothing left to give.


The Spring In Your Step

To comfortably touch your toes or just grab your ankles without putting your body under too much strain. Your flexibility helps you to bounce back from the occasional knock, and react with speed without causing injury.


Best Friend / Worst Enemy

Anything is possible if you can harness your mental strength. It is your best friend, and your worse enemy. Convincing you that the easy is impossible, and the impossible can be achieved. This is the driving force behind all other strengths, and without it we are most definitely lost.

My Methods

What’s Different About The Way I Train? No Reps, Only Time

I Focus A Lot on Circuits, And Sets When I Train. Also My Timing, And Transition Between My Exercises Is As Important As The Exercise Itself. Basically, There Is Not A Lot Of Time To Think While You Are Exercising. There Is As Much Focus On How You Apply Yourself To The Training, As The Training Itself.

Type 1

Body Weight

All Exercises Involve Body Weight Only. Press Ups, Sit Ups, Functional Movements Etc. The Sets Can Be Split Up To Focus On Different Body Areas Like Chest, Shoulders, Core, Legs etc.

Type 2

Free Weight

Free Weights Only. Be They Barbells, Dumb Bells, Or Simple Weight Plates. Like Type 1 Exercises The Sets Can Be Split Up To Focus On Different Body Parts. Triceps, Biceps etc.

Type 3


This Is All The Equipment You See In The Gym You May Not Usually Use. Tyres, Ropes, Boxes, Slam Ball, Bench, Step etc. 

Type 4

All The Above

A Combination Of All The Above. If You Can Combine Type 1, 2 and 3 Circuits You Will Probably Run Out Of Time And Energy Before You Run Out Of Exercises.