There is a write up about what goes into our fast food meat these days, and I got curious to read more.

You see my question is, is there really a difference between the fast food meat, and the meat you would buy from a butchers? And if so, how can you get more information on where your meat is coming from when it is packaged in a supermarket?

The story goes on to explain the amount of antibiotics in the meat we are eating today, and there is quite a suprise on the chart from one of the companies which has reduced the amount of unecessary antibiotics it is using substantially.

I am sure you will be able to identify who they are if you have a read.

Personally, I am a meat eater through and through, but an article like this would make you have to think very hard about where you are buying your products from. And also consider seriously becoming a vegetarian.

Whats In Your Meat.

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