Three Minutes Of Exercise Equals 30 Minutes In The Gym

Three Minutes Of Exercise Equals 30 Minutes In The Gym

These are the words of an expert apparently, three minutes of exercise is equivalent to 30 minutes moderate exercise in the gym. Now, I do not want to sound mean, but I have researched this person (a bit), and to be honest, he does not appear to even be doing the 3 minutes he suggests. Or if he is, I am not at all impressed by his results. In fact even more importantly, why would an elite sports physiotherapist even suggest this is the case, or give people a reason to cut back on exercise to that extent?

What is it about some that make them want to get the best results while putting in the least of effort? Is this what we should be teaching children these days? That it is not really necessary to make any effort to gain the results we want out of life?

Let’s not use the reasoning that the moderate exercise figure is what the World Health Organisation advises us to do daily.

No pain no gain, and the feeling of elation when you triumph over adversity are two things we are reluctant to teach children, so they grow up in life believing everything is easy and does not require any effort. Then when they meet a challenge or something does not go their way they have no idea how to brush themselves down and raise themselves to make another effort. In fact, why am I bringing children into this when we as adults have as many problems ourselves?

If at first you don’t succeed…

Or am I sounding like a grumpy old man now?

Forget the physical aspect of a 3 minute exercise routine, what is there to gain mentally from it all? If someone out there has the answer can they point me in the right direction please?

Three Minute Workout

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