Is Lack Of Sleep Killing Us, Or Just Driving Us Crazy?

Is Lack Of Sleep Killing Us, Or Just Driving Us Crazy?

Do you feel it? Most of us are not very conscious of the effects of lack of sleep. It can make us miserable, depressed, stressed, short tempered.. The list of negatives is very long. Yet none of us really see a lack of sleep for the problem it actually is.

Just like some of us need a strong cup of coffee to get through the morning, we would probably not crave for it as much if we had a good night’s sleep.

There are probably far more illness caused by a lack of sleep than we can realise, so the question is why do we really believe we can get away with it so often? Is it the fear that we may miss something important, or not get something done if we take that extra hour or two? How often do you fall asleep in front of the television, or wake up with it still on in your bedroom at night?

The funniest part of the question above is that I am writing this well aware that I failed to get a good nights sleep last night, easily by a couple of hours, and yes I can feel the effects. Even though, I tried to lessen them with a cappuccino.

No, it did not work. And I am feeling miserable as a result. So as long as I get home safely I will be catching up on them.

Have a read and see what you think.

Lack Of Sleep A Danger

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