My First Run of 2019

My first 5km road run of the year. I have finally taken to the road after many years of promises. My only objective, finish within 30 minutes. It was tough, and quite cold, but I achieved my objective. I was pleased to be under 30 mintes, even though it was a bit close. My mind hurts a lot more than my body at the moment, but it was a funny experience. I also burned more than 400 calories so I cannot really be in good shape compared to last year. Hopefully that will change as my time improves.

After many years where I have not run, my biggest challenge after my mental reluctance to get out on the road, was that my legs did not seem capable of carrying me. I did not feel like I had worked myself from a cardio perspective, My legs just hurt too much for me to go as fast as I would have liked. Anyway, my feet survived as well, so I obtained a lot of positives from the experience.

My aim for the year is to get to 25 minutes, so there is a long way to go. At least I have made a start now.

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