Maple Syrup vs Honey (A Quick Comparison)

My mornings are usually a breakfast of Pancakes and Maple Syrup. Not to worry, They are always covered in Strawberries and Blueberries so I would like to think I am taking good care of my health. Recently I got curious about the comparisons between Maple Syrup and Honey so decided to do a little research […]

Legs, Heart, Lungs – The Way I Approach My Runs

So far during 2022 I have tried to split my running across three days. I have a method which I usually try to focus on during my run to help me monitor and improve the running experience. I have a theory that there are potentially three points of failure when running. Your legs, as they […]

If Keeping Fit Was Like Practicing A Religion

I am not the most religious person you will ever meet. I prefer to focus my time and energy in different directions….  Please! don’t judge me… What I have noticed though, are the similarities between worship, and keeping myself fit and healthy. It made me think a little about the comparison between the two, and […]

Narrow Twist and Look Up Lay on your stomach and put your hands to the side of your head. Stay central and twist and look up left and right. Exercise Objective: To condition and strengthen the muscles in your back along your spine. Dangers: With the objective being to raise the upper part of your torso while laying on your […]

Twist Side To Side

Lay on your stomach and put your hands to the side of your head. Twist from side to side while looking down and try to get your elbows as far around as possible, as if you are attempting to touch your thighs. Side to side until the time has been completed.