If Keeping Fit Was Like Practicing A Religion

If Keeping Fit Was Like Practicing A Religion

I am not the most religious person you will ever meet. I prefer to focus my time and energy in different directions….  Please! don’t judge me… What I have noticed though, are the similarities between worship, and keeping myself fit and healthy. It made me think a little about the comparison between the two, and how a person can view themselves when it comes to their health and fitness. Below is a comparison I have made taking a religious context as a reference point. Take a look below, and see if you find yourself somewhere in the list. If you feel I have missed something, please let me know.

If keeping fit was like practicing a  religion, where do you think you would be on the religious scale.


Non Believer

The person who has no interest in the idea or the practice. No point in having a discussion, there is no way they will change their opinion, or their belief. Their life in their eyes (and really those are the only ones that count) is fine as it is.


I Believe… But

My chances of getting to a house of worship (yes the gym right) are remote. Its a nice thought but my life is too busy or complicated right now. Will I get there eventually? I hope so, but for now I have only been putting it off for so many years that I am not sure what I will remember when I get back.



My attendance is sporadic. My life is complicated but I am making an effort. Maybe I am happy to grasp at any excuse, or reason to put it off till next week…. DONT JUDGE ME… Life is tough as it is…


I Believe… Regular Attender

To the house of worship. I will go for the service but once its over I am out. I have things to do, I can’t be here all day.


Or Maybe You Could Be…

The social regular attender. I have my plan, but I am always happy to assist anyone who may need help finding their own path.



The anti-social dedicated attender. I need those who are new or apprehensive to stay out of the way, and off the machines I need to use. I have a plan and it does not include you.


Could you be the Hardcore Fundamentalist

If the gym is empty, bar you and this person you will always be on the machine they need to use. They will hover looking annoyed until you finish your sets. Its not possible for them to do anything else until they have access to the machine you are on. They have a routine, and you are right in the middle of it. Hurry up!


Or For That Matter : Born Again

Maybe you had a bit of assistance from surgery to set you on the right path. Now you are heading in the right direction You feel you have all the right answers for anyone who may require some assistance.


Do you see yourself, or more importantly someone you know in the list? If not feel free to let me know what I may have missed. I will be sure to update it if you think I have missed anything.

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