The Most Important Person In Your Life

The Most Important Person In Your Life

I am sure if anyone asked you who the most important person in your life was you would probably find it easy to answer that question.

So, I am asking. No right or wrong answer here. Who is the most important person in your life?

I am sure some would point out that there are many friends, or family members who are important to you or even that depend on you. A husband or a wife, or even children that are the most important people in your life. Close friends that have been there, and supported you through thick and thin. You may even point out that it’s not fair for you to pick one person as there may be more people who are important to you. They may rely on you, or depend on your support. No favouritism here please.

How many of you would have answered that YOU were the most important person in YOUR life?

Not many right? If you have these people who are important in your life, surely you must have some importance to them. After all what happens if you are suddenly not around. So, don’t you think you are the most important person in your life if these people are so connected to you?

Where am I heading with this? Well, I see many people who work hard, physically, and more importantly mentally who do not really put the emphasis on taking care of themselves. It is for me like a beacon or a flashing light. I see them working nonstop, and dealing with a lot of pressure on others behalf and I have also seen the toll it takes on them. Physical pressure can be hard but it is far easier to recover from than the mental pressure we put ourselves under, time after time after time.

This pressure distracts us from the fact that we need to take better care of ourselves, but that is very easy to occur when we are constantly juggling things in our modern lives. The excesses and conveniences of the modern world are leaving us with long-term illnesses that we are spending many years popping pills to deal with. And let’s be honest, those aches or pains, or those subtle changes in our bodies that we are not paying much attention to are going to catch up with us eventually. Are you putting off dealing with them until tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes right? We have the means today to have many happy, active and functional years in our futures.

Don’t let being in a rush, or dealing with that pressure allow you to take the easy way out with your diet, or your health. That fast or processed food, that food with all that sugar and salt that you love. It should stop. And you should make sure that the time will always be there to be more active. Mentally, and physically.

You should be the most important person in your life as you are the only one who can make the decision to take better care of yourself. And that in turn should allow you to be better at taking care of those that are so important to you.

If anyone ever asks you again who the most important person in your life is, what would your answer be this time?

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