Five Strides Across The Gym

Five Strides Across The Gym

My local gym is not the largest around, and I find when doing my circuits I can take 7 strides comfortably to cover the length of it, and six strides for a time before I get tired. That is comfortable for me, but if I feel like pushing myself I can maintain six strides for a while without putting too much strain on my old joints. I had a funny experience though when taking one of the classes in the gym with one of the instructors there. She was just back from having a baby, and was just getting back into the stride of things so decided to take part in some fo the runs in the training. I was always faster than her when turning to do a length of the gym and would leave her behind, but when I got to the other end of the gym there she was right with me again.

At the end of the class I had to see if I could work out how she managed to keep up with me, and to my surprise it turned out she was doing 5 strides across the gym to my 7. Now I was quite surprised at this as she was around 3 inches shorter than me, but was somehow managing to take less strides. A very confusing experience I can say. She explained that she does a log of jogging running usually, and that may be the case. That was more than 4 months ago, and I promised myself I would see if it was possible to equal her stride count.

To this day I am still trying and not getting any closer. I have not given up though, and hopefully one day when she is back in the gym I can talk more about her technique.

If its her technique or mental application, I would be nice to understand more about how she could do this quite comfortably. After all it stands to reason that my stride should be bigger.

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