The 100 Challenge

I have had to change my training on Thursdays recently, as the open area in my gym has been taken over by a women’s only class. Excuse me!! I did not see that coming. Anyway, I have decided to create a training routine I am calling “The 100 Challenge”. Basically you do 100 reps of […]

Five Strides Across The Gym

My local gym is not the largest around, and I find when doing my circuits I can take 7 strides comfortably to cover the length of it, and six strides for a time before I get tired. That is comfortable for me, but if I feel like pushing myself I can maintain six strides for […]

Gym Run, A Rude Awakening

A lot of my training involves sections of cardio. These are usually between 1 and 2 minutes long, and involve any type of cardio work, from shuttle runs and rowing to skipping, walking on a treadmill, using a spin bike, etc. I like to run on the treadmill, and as most of my circuits now […]