Gym Run, A Rude Awakening


A lot of my training involves sections of cardio. These are usually between 1 and 2 minutes long, and involve any type of cardio work, from shuttle runs and rowing to skipping, walking on a treadmill, using a spin bike, etc.

I like to run on the treadmill, and as most of my circuits now have a 2 minute cardio section, I decided to set my sights on running as fast as I could for that period of time.

Two minutes of running with a 10 second interval between them. I calculated that I would expect myself to cover around 800 meters in that time. Of course a seasoned athlete would comfortably cover 800 meters in that time with 30 or more seconds to spare.

I stepped off the treadmill after two minutes and ten seconds and was quite shocked. I had covered no more than 400 meters on my first attempt. I was quite shocked and stopped my training to check if the treadmill was broken. Surely I could not be moving that slowly. Of course it was not broken, but for someone that was continually told he was in good shape it was quite hard to accept that I had not covered much more distance.

Was I being too hard on myself, or had I convinced myself I was in great shape? Either way I had to reassess my own expectations, and see how I could build from there.

Since that time I have improved my running, and now of the 9 cardio circuits I can do in a 45 minute training session, I can cover 500 meters comfortably on six before my body decides enough is enough.

The aim is to complete 9 one day, so there is still some way to go.

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