The 100 Challenge

I have had to change my training on Thursdays recently, as the open area in my gym has been taken over by a women’s only class. Excuse me!! I did not see that coming. Anyway, I have decided to create a training routine I am calling “The 100 Challenge”. Basically you do 100 reps of every exercise you choose to do. So I tried it for the first time with sit-up’s on a Pilates ball, and normal press-ups.

I achieved my objective, but I am feeling it today. It did hurt, and I stopped on the press-ups more times than I thought I would. I also had to change to angled press-ups on my knees after 75 reps.

What! I hear you say. Only two exercises. You can hardly call that a circuit. No you can’t, but I had just finished a 5k run, had an idea, and was testing the waters of a new routine. I had started a third exercise, but I have to get an idea of recovery rate and rest period between exercises before I increase the number. Next Thursday I will plan, and be prepared for 4 exercises.

Still, the mental application of the objective was spot on. Stop for no longer than 5 seconds regardless of how much it hurt. No concern with time other than it all had to be done within 4 minutes. I was inside the time, but forgot to check by how much. Next time I do it though I will set the time to 3 minutes and see what happens.

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