I Can’t Do That!!!

I Can’t Do That!!!

Have you ever said that? When faced with a challenge that you do not believe is possible to achieve. Can I challenge that thought for a moment and get you to think differently?

Lets say for a moment that anything is possible, or almost anything. So the next time you are faced with a challenge try looking at it slightly differently don’t say you can’t do something. Just get comfortable with the fact that you are not prepared to do it instead.

Achieving any objective requires a few things. Time, effort, and a level of determination if you do not have a talent for said objective. These things vary in all of us so to achieve any objective you have to have an idea of how much of each of these variables you are prepared to invest.

Saying you cannot do something is just your way of not being able to grasp how much of any of these variable you are able to invest in the objective at hand.

I for example am confident I would be able to run a marathon. Chances are that I never will though. It’s not that I don’t believe it is possible (or I can’t), just that I am not prepared to invest the time and effort required to achieve the objective. I feel it will take away from too many other things I enjoy doing, and it is not something I really care for.

So the next time you are faced with an objective that may appear a bit daunting, remember one thing. Yes you can. You just haven’t figured out what it will take and decided if you are prepared to make the commitment.


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