Most Steps in a Month Part 2

Most Steps in a Month Part 2

Just over a year ago I managed the most steps I had done in a month. I made a post about how proud I was to have achieved a new milestone in my Personal Records even though it took a bit more effort than I had planned. I also ended up being quite ill for a month afterwards, and it took me most of the rest of the year to get back to feeling fine again. Needless to say I promised myself I would be in no hurry to do it all again. So, imagine my surprise when over the course of August 2018 I broke my personal records again. And all of them by quite a large margin. Needless to say, I have been ill most of September… It took me a while to realise the reasons why I was feeling sorry for myself.. sic.. Not to worry, I am feeling a lot better now. 🙂 Old Personal Records are below… I can remember all of them and promising myself I would never get better numbers. So how I managed to beat them by such big margins is still something I am trying to understand.    

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