Ketones and the confusion of health and fitness.

Ketones and the confusion of health and fitness.

I thought I would take some time to introduce you all to one of the fads of health and fitness called ketones. Basically these are substances found in food that our bodies can burn as fuel instead of glucose.

As I understand it (so bear with me and always get informed for yourself), Carbohydrates convert to Glucose which your body can use as fuel, but when there is not enough Glucose in your body it turns to your fat stores which contain these Ketones. So, keeping your Carbohydrate intake low will allow your body to burn more of its fat stores, and should in theory allow you to lose more weight.

Which comes to another question. Do we really need to consume many, or even any carbohydrates when our bodies can burn these ketones, and can also convert any proteins we consume to the glucose our bodies require? That I would guess is a story for another time.

Anyway, I decided to do a bit of research into the best source of ketones, and to my surprise discovered they were in saturated fats.

Yes saturated fats. The same fats we are constantly being told are not good for us contain one of the best substance we know of that our bodies can use for fuel.

So how can this be the case as there is all this talk about keeping your saturated fats low.

Lets not forget the Cholesterol issue we have today, and the impact saturated fats have on our bodies. Or should we think about the problem that Carbohydrates play in reducing our need to burn these saturated fats out of our bodies on a regular basis because of the amount of Carbohydrates in our modern lifestyles.

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