Drinking wine daily can SLASH the risk of early death

Guess its something we have all heard about, but it is nice to get some confirmation that the odd drink of wine can reduce the risk of early death. And in some cases beer too. Not that I drink much anymore. That being said, is that the case for everyone, or does how active you […]

Things you should NEVER eat or drink before exercise

I saw a couple of articles this morning referring to thigs you should never eat or drink before exercise and thought it would be a good topic for today. To be honest, a lot of it would eventually come down to personal experience, and understanding how your body reacts to certain foods or drinks before […]

Have A Heart Part 2

D Day today for the lamb heart I purchased yesterday. Though I thought it would be fine yesterday I finally wimped out and opted for something less challenging. </p> I had no idea how to cook it so started by removing the fat and slicing into strips. Some onion and garlic and slow cooking on […]

Have A Heart Part 1

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>I decided this weekend that I would try something different for dinner so I purchased lamb heart today. Not sure if I have eaten this before but I thought I would give it a go. Why not after all? It is supposed to be one of the most nutritious parts of the animal.</p> […]

64% Fat Spread

  So, I go to get my breakfast at work, and they have changed the “almost butter” to another make. Apparently it contains 64% fat spread. So I ask the question.. Exactly what’s in “Fat Spread”, and more importantly, what’s in the other 36%. Would you believe no one in the restaurant could answer the […]