Things you should NEVER eat or drink before exercise

Things you should NEVER eat or drink before exercise

I saw a couple of articles this morning referring to thigs you should never eat or drink before exercise and thought it would be a good topic for today. To be honest, a lot of it would eventually come down to personal experience, and understanding how your body reacts to certain foods or drinks before training.

I learnt the hard way that eating a meal of any sort, even 3 hours before I train can be a bit of an issue for me. That being said, fruit never seems to have a problem, and a couple of oranges, or bananas even 15 minutes before I train have never had an adverse affect on my training.

Anyway, I am sure most people do not give what they eat or drink much thought when they train. On one hand you have those who will consume all the shakes and energy drinks that come their way. And on the other you have those that are having a full meal and then going to the gym to train.

Either way, I woul appreceiate it if the news outlets providing the news did not try to sensationalise it as much as I think this actually distracts from the message they are trying to convey.

Anyway, watch out for the carbonated energy drinks, and the protein bars. I know they are always available in most gyms. Do not assume that just because they are on sale there that they will be of benefit to you.

The links for both are below.


Avoid Drinking Before Exercise

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Avoid Eating Before Exercise

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