Women Like The Smell Of Guys Who Eat A Certain Diet

Women Like The Smell Of Guys Who Eat A Certain Diet

Well I saw the heading above and it peaked my interest. Can women really be attracted to men who eat a certain diet. If that could be proved I guess most men would change their diet tomorrow..

Including me actually :-)

Well the scientist can carry out all their tests they like, and eventually they will probably come up with a conclusion that they want. Personally I believe the amount of odour we all give off can vary dramatically, despite our diets. So how can this be the case?

I eat large amounts of garlic, and no one around me is the slightest bit aware, even when I eat it raw, and yes I do sweat quite a bit. I know of people who dare not eat cooked garlic as their body can give off an odour, even when they are not sweating.

So the amount you sweat has to be taken into account right? Well in my opinion it has to as you can have a great diet and give off no odour at all. So where would you fit in this research then?

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Diet and Odour

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Foods that Cause or Reduce Odour

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