Networks Don’t Eat

Networks Don’t Eat

For the past couple of days I have been working offsite with our networks team. We have been visiting sites in London that our company supports to resolve issues they have been having onsite.

I thought I would be prepared, but it seems my preparations were a bit off the mark. You see the rest of the IT team are based in Manchester, and I am quite comfortable with being described as a southern softie occasionally (yeah! Too cold up there), but no one mentioned that they don’t eat during the day (way too busy to stop).

So the southern softie is sitting here at 3pm with a rumbling tum. I did have a bacon roll this morning in perperation for a long day, so what have I got too complain about.Suck it in you wimp, you have had two cups of coffee since then. More than enough to survive on..

Now 5:30pm and I am beginning to wilt.. There was an incident at one of the locations that has resulted in them having to work a lot later than planned. I am hoping to leave in the next 30 minutes, so with any luck I will see my house before 8pm tonight.

Wish me luck…


Made it home after a very eventful day. Unfortunately I had to get off my bus and walk part of the way as there was an accident that stopped all traffic. I wish well to the drivers of the two cars, and especially to the motorcyclist that was lying in the road. He was moving so hopefully he will be well enough to go home some time soon.

To all the gawkers who had their mobile phones out, have a bit of respect for the injured. Imagine how you would feel if it was you and someone else was taking photos of you to post online. Honestly, do you ever get the feeling society has lost its way?

Anyway, that’s all from me today. 7:39pm. Made it with 20 minutes to spare.

This has to have been my most unhealthy week for many months. And you know what Friday’s mean.. Roll on seven piece breakfast. Will be seeing you in the morning.

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