Workout in your lunch break

Workout in your lunch break

Good for some, but a 30 minute class during your lunch break is a symptom of us having no time. The physical aspect of all that rushing around is not the problem. It is the mental time that we refuse either to acknowledge, or to allow ourselves to have that is the main concern. That being said, we are all different, and some may see it as a great time to squeeze some exercise into a busy schedule.

Me personally, I have a hard time training unless there is a good amount of preparation, and time to unwind my mind at the end of it all. I usually like to train on weekends, and will take an hour or two to rest my body and mind at the end of it all.

Lets face it, there is nothing long term about training during your lunch break, and I challenge anyone who does to keep it up for a couple of months before changing their minds.

Training During Lunch

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