Have A Heart Part 1

Did not really like the look of it when I got it home, but that’s just me and cooking really. Decided after looking at it for a while that I would have to give it a miss.. Going to have to go for salmon today. Yeah I wimped out. Tomorrow though I will have no […]

64% Fat Spread

So, I go to get my breakfast at work, and they have changed the “almost butter” to another make. Apparently it contains 64% fat spread. So I ask the question.¬†Exactly what’s in “Fat Spread”, and more importantly, what’s in the other 36%. Would you believe no one in the restaurant could answer the question… My […]

Consider Giving Up These Foods

I read an article in the Daily Star which related to 5 foods you should give up immediately and thought I should share it with you. I am not doing too badly on the list but thought it might be a good one for you to check yourself. I do not think they have them […]

Beware the Veggie Crisps?

So I was reading some information on vegetable crisps, and I saw some articles indicating they are more unhealthy than Mars Bars and Pringles. Thought I should share this with you all so here are some links to the information. It appears there is a potential for them to be packed with more fat than […]

Liquid Fruit And Veg

A lot of people now spend enormous amounts of time blending their greens and consuming them, rather than eating them with their meals. A bit like their fruits. I used to do this a lot but recently I decided it was not a good thing for me to be doing. Why? Well I guess it […]