Beware the Veggie Crisps?


So I was reading some information on vegetable crisps, and I saw some articles indicating they are more unhealthy than Mars Bars and Pringles. Thought I should share this with you all so here are some links to the information.

It appears there is a potential for them to be packed with more fat than most sweets and crisps. Funny how they do not attempt a sugar comparison though, as I am sure that would show them in a better light.

Also, I would probably still prefer fruit or vegetable crisps over a processed salt or sugar packed confectionery these days.

Anyway, if there is a way to compare sugar, as well as salt and fat I will be sure to post the information on here in the future for you to see.

Until then, maybe it would be best to make sure your vegetable crisps are not going through too much of a process before you buy them.


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