Spending Too Much Time On The Toilet

Spending Too Much Time On The Toilet

Brits spend twice as long on the toilet than they do exercising new figures reveal.┬áReally…

That appears to be quite a worrying statistic. Even more so when you realise they estimate that the average person in this country spends no more than 90 minutes exercising each week.

Which means the average person in the UK spends 3 hours sitting on the toilet every week. Hopefully most of that time will be spent reading,  thinking how they can change the world, or contemplating the meaning of life. Rather than trying to go (if you know what I mean).

Personally, I find myself at the other end of the scale as I spend at least 5 hours in the gym every week. And no there will be no discussions about how regular I am.. lol.. ­čś«

Anyway this is a story that every paper seems to be talking about so here is the link for more information.

Your Time On The Toilet

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