Finally Back Online

Finally Back Online

Its been a long few days and I have finally managed to get back online. Sorry to anyone who has been online and viewed my website. To be honest I am finding that as much as I am having fun, it is a lot harder to do this while keeping a full time job, and trying to get into the gym regularly. And that’s not to mention my plan to complete my Level II fitness instructor course before the end of the year.

For the time being I have had to put all the photos and diagrams that I had in mind on hold. They will all be online in the future, but for now my focus may just be to keep my blog up to date, and understanding the workings of web design. Yes, I did not see that coming either.

I have a lot of stories to post. Hopefully over the week ahead they will all start to appear. Hang in there, there will be a lot of interest things to talk about real soon.

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