Pill that mimics effects of working out

Pill that mimics effects of working out

Apparently there is a pill in development at the moment that can mimic the effects of working out in the gym. There have been quite a few sites writing about it over the last week so I thought I would add my opinions to the debate. Sounds like good news if you believe that getting yourself into shape is all about the physical exercise, and nothing to do with your mental focus or attitude to training.

Me personally I believe there is far more of a mental application to keeping fit than there will ever be a physical application. A pill may help to cut weight and help to make you look good on the outside, but it is on the inside that it matters most. That is physically, and mentally. If a pill cannot provide an improvement in BOTH of those then I would suggest it is like so many things these days. A false hope provided by people who do not really understand the problem.

It is not necessary to run yourself into the ground to keep in shape, but the old adage “No Pain, No Gain” is very appropriate here. The physical and mental struggle go hand in hand, and the feel good factor when you achieve a goal cannot be replicated when you pop a pill of any kind.

Google has a number of links to the story here. Have a read and let me know what you think.

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