A Ganglion We Will Go

A Ganglion We Will Go

I have had what I thought as a wrist injury for a while flare up again recently, and I mentioned it to someone I was training with in the gym today. “That’s a Ganglion” he says to me. “Ganglion, what’s that then”? He goes on to explain that it is a bump or swelling that can occur and nothing to do with me spraining my wrist. Ok, so why was it that the chemist never diagnosed this when I asked them for assistance. Probably because I would not purchase that joint cream they were selling for £12.00. Shame on you Boots.. If I did not have a card that gave good points I would probably limit my visits to you. They say chemists should be your first point of call, but why bother if the people I am training with are more knowledgeable than they are?

Anyway, the treatment that was suggested to me in the gym was not very comforting. Hit is with a Bible I was advised.. What! Why a Bible? Is some divine intervention required? The word of god going to remove my pain?? Well after further investigation I learnt in the old days people were advised to hit it with a book to try and burst the bump, and the largest book most people would have in their house in old times was the Bible. Which is where the suggestion came from, and the nickname of Bible bump comes from.

In case you don’t know me very well I will now confess to being a bit of a wimp. I was not going to hit it with a book. Further reading does suggest you are more likely to cause yourself injury even if you are successfully in bursting anyway.

So while relaxing in the sauna I applied pressure to it for around 20 minutes and to my surprise it is now hardly visible. It is still a bit painful, so I guess I will be visiting the doctor in the near future to get his opinion. Wish me luck.. :-)

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