Recovery is a …….

Recovery is a …….

Last month was a one of milestones for me in a way. I managed to increase my step count dramatically by just making a few changes to my day. It did not appear to make much of an impact on my health, or so I thought.

I had promised myself that I was going to slow down in the month of September, primarily as I have not taken a break from training in the past six months. It seems like I was missing a few messages from my body as no sooner did August come to an end than I came down with a heavy bout of flu. Or something that involved a chest infection, and really aching and tired muscles.

Looking back on the write ups with some of my pictures in August I did mention that I was felling like I had a cold. Yes I wrote it down, but did not really pay as much attention as I should have done to the messages my body was trying to convey.

It has taken a week of going in and out of work sick  to finally take note of the messages that were coming my way.

I will still be training this month, but I am going to try to cut my activity by at least 30%. That is my way of working back to full recovery.. 🙂


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