Best Diet For Older People

Best Diet For Older People

I noticed an article in the Daily Express which was about the best diet for older people. Since I appear (or may appear) to fit into this catagory I thought I would have a closer look. It advises that older people should consume more protien as they get older to help maintain muscle mass.

Sounds like good reasoning, and maintaining muscle mass does get harder as you get older. Anyway, part of the reason why I would be inclined to agree with this finding is that over the last year I decided to cut down on my carbohydrates, and increase my protein intake anyway.

The reason for doing this is that I guess that as I get older, and my metabolism slows, I will find it harder to keep my weight down. Therefore consuming less carbohydrates should help me to maintain a more reasonable weight. There are many days where my diet will include just fish and vegetables, maybe the most minimal of carbs in the form of rice.

For me it was just to see how I got on with this type of diet, especially after an hour or two of training. I found it really made no real difference to my health, and if I found myself hungry after a meal I would just make that up with some fruits or nuts.

I have set a link up for a Google search on the subject anyway. You should find the story from the Daily Express not too far from the top of the list.

Best Diet For Older People


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