Combat Frailty By Exercising THIS Part Of The Body

Combat Frailty By Exercising THIS Part Of The Body

I noticed an article in the Daily Express titled “Bone fracture risk: Combat frailty by exercising THIS part of the body” and thought it was worth investigating further. Well it turns out they are recommending squats as the exercise for combating frailty. Funny as I thought it would probably be best to go for an all over exercise routine but what do I know.

Don’t get me wrong, squats are great for building strength, but you can be as frail in physical strength as you can be in endurance, and I believe more important, flexibility.

So while doing squats are a good idea, consider that you may need your heart to fuel the exercise, and your flexibility to avoid injury. Well that is my opinion anyway.

While your are working at getting those squats in you might also consider that your feet are as important for maintaining your balance. Without them the exercise is probably a waste of time. Make sure those toes point straight ahead or you may be setting yourself up for injury. You could also consider lightening the load and going for more reps on your toes? Yes, that is one of my exercises you should really give a try. :-)

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter. It would be interesting to see what others think.

Combat Frailty

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