New Rules For Exercising If You’re Over 50

New Rules For Exercising If You’re Over 50

This post relates to me, and a few of the people I train with on a regular basis. I think anyway. To be honest I have not changed my preparation to training since I started as a child. You see I have two very big weaknesses. One is warming up before I train (never enough time, so I just start slowly if I am feeling a bit under the weather), and the other is stretching (yes I know, how does that fit in with my philosophy of being circuit strong). My excuse is that none of us are perfect, and we all have areas of our health and fitness we need to work on. You have my two. While we are at it do you have something to confess to me?

Well the link below will take you to the information the over 50’s may need, and the under 50’s should know is coming their way.

Exercising over 50’s


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