Desk Jobs Double The Risk Of Premature Death

Desk Jobs Double The Risk Of Premature Death

A new study out advises that having a desk job doubles your risk of premature death. I would not find a claim like this too surprising, but the study also goes on to claim that it does not matter if you go to the gym regularly, this will still be the case.

Now I guess as the survey goes, you should either agree or disagree with the whole survey, and not cherry pick parts that you would agree with to justify your own ideas, but I cannot help but think that going to the gym regularly MUST have some sort of affect over your premature death risk. Not to mention your diet, AND quality of life generally.

I wounder how you would fare if you spent all your time going for walks, but never went to the gym?

Anyway I have been sitting reading about this subject, and writing this article for far too long. Guess I had better go for a walk now…

Desk Jobs Death Risk


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