Sugar And Brain Health

Sugar And Brain Health

There is a doctor advising that sugar has benefits for your brain. Like of course we know that!! That is why we feel good after eating a bar of chocolate right???

The sweet stuff has a habit of making us feel real good.. It also appears that our brains are the biggest consumers of the sweet stuff, apparently around 400 calories a day just to keep us ticking over. That is why we like to comfort ourselves with chocolate, cake and ice cream.

So now we have established that, we can understand why consuming these foods make us feel good. And we can also beging to understand why we consume far more than we require.

The study also goes on to advise that there are good and bad sugars. The good ones being the natural sugars in food, and the bad ones being the processed ones we appear to crave that appear far easier and cheaper to get our hands on.

Anyway, the link to all the articles are below..

Your Brain Loves Sugar

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