Eat Carbs And Lose Weight

How to eat carbs and lose weight. Well I did not know that was possible! Or maybe it is.. Just stay young and carefree. I guess your metabolism will never slow down and you can eat whatever you like.. 🙂 There I am training myself to lower my carbohydrate intake and along comes an article […]

Sugar And Brain Health

There is a doctor advising that sugar has benefits for your brain. Like of course we know that!! That is why we feel good after eating a bar of chocolate right??? The sweet stuff has a habit of making us feel real good.. It also appears that our brains are the biggest consumers of the […]

Desk Jobs Double The Risk Of Premature Death

A new study out advises that having a desk job doubles your risk of premature death. I would not find a claim like this too surprising, but the study also goes on to claim that it does not matter if you go to the gym regularly, this will still be the case. Now I guess […]