Time, not material goods, ‘raises happiness’

Time, not material goods, ‘raises happiness’

This is something I could have told you a long time ago. In our ever increasingly busy lifestyles we are forgetting to pause for breath, and as a result are missing the world as it passes us by. Taking some time out for yourself occasionally helps to make a real difference to your quality of life. Which is why I when the place I work gives me the chance to buy an extra 10 days holiday a year I am more than happy to take it. In fact my manager is well aware of the one certainty in the year is that I will be buying back as much time as I am allowed to every year. If the money is more important to you you should consider the fact that once the time is gone you will never get it back. I would advise all those who spend 5 days a week taking part in the rat race of society to consider this whenever they get the chance. You may find it can make a huge change to your outlook on life.

A Little Bit More Time


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