Six exercises that personal trainers never do in the gym


Saw this post about exercises personal trainers never do in the gym in the Independent, and thought I would share it with you all.

Basically, the risk reward of some of these exercises makes them a real danger, even to the professionals out there. So, I thought I would share them with you to make sure you are aware when you go into the gym.

  1. Tuck Jumps: Are one you have to be very careful of. As we get older it is far harder to retain that spring in our step. So doing tuck jumps is likely to cause any number of injuries. If you are lucky you can get away just with sore ankles. The impact through your body can cause so many injuries that the risk is just too great. I have learnt this the hard way in the past, and avoid doing them these days.
  2. Smith Machine Squats: Are not good as they have a habit of forcing your body in an unnatural alignment. I should know, as I have suffered the consequences of using the machine for squats and for bench press. Both times I was unfortunate to walk away with injuries, so have avoided the machine ever since. I do squats and bench press with loos weights now. This is more beneficial as it not only helps your strength, but it also helps with your technique and control. Two things a smith machine would not enable you to do.
  3. Kipping Pull-Ups: Are for those who have great technique, or have never suffered a serious injury. Good luck to them, I think the excessive load on your arms shoulders and core are pretty unsafe for even fit people to do. No more to say on this point.
  4. Behind The Neck Pull Downs: Are an exercise I still do in the gym, and one I would suggest can be done without injury with the right technique. If you put your back to the weights you will find you get far better alignment and so the exercise is far easier to do. Also, starting with a light weight and working on your technique should make this a safer exercise to do.
  5. Upright Rows: Are not an exercise I consider a no no for beginners either. Just remember to start with a light weight, or even the bar without weights so you get your technique right. Then they should be doable without the risk of injury.
  6. Cardio for weight loss: Sorry I do not get this one. Especially labelling it as a last resort. I would say cardio of some sort is necessary and a given. The context this is taken in is even questionable as cardio is always going to be good for your heart. And it burns enough calories to keep you fit and healthy.. I do cardio on every visit to the gym, and personally would question any fitness guru who would suggest otherwise.

Anyway, I am not a qualified instructor, or guru of any sort so maybe my opinion will not carry as much weight as those in the article. I am sure there are more exercises that you may feel should be avoided by us all. Feel free to let me know of any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

It’s funny but there are many more exercises that personal trainers have opinions on so I am going to leave a link for you to follow at the bottom of the page.

Exercises Instructors would advise you to avoid.

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