How much exercise you need to do for your age

How much exercise you need to do for your age

I saw an article advising on the amount of exercise I should be able to do for my age that I found quite interesting. For all the wrong reasons though. It seems like a lot of sites picked up on it and decided to write their own take on the story. For all the wrong reasons though.

You see I feel that most of us are as fit as we feel we should be for our ages, and I really believe even as we get older there is a lot more we could do for our health, if we just paid a bit more attention, and decided this was not necessarily the case.

That is why I feel it would have been more appropriate to say this is the minimum you should be able to do for your age, rather than saying this is how healthy you should be.

Case in point is my own health where I was comfortable running 5k in under 25 minutes (24:45 actually) in my 30’s and 40’s, (4 times a week) but since challenging myself have improved my 5k time to a personal best of 21:40, and now regularly under 23 minutes when I go to the gym these days, even though I only run two times a week now.

I compare this to the information advised for a man in his 50’s, and see no relation to my own health. I am proud to buck their trend, and I am comfortable seeing a lot of people training around me in my gym that are doing the same. In fact I do more exercise now than they advise someone in their 20’s to 30’s should do.

If you are reading this, challenge their findings and prove them wrong. We are all capable of a lot more if we have the will to take our fate in our own hands and make a change.

As Fit As Your Age


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