Caribbean Day In The Office


Lunch in the office was a bit of a surprise today. It was Caribbean day, and they were serving pink rice. Excuse me, have I missed something in my 50 years on this planet! I have no knowledge of this being a Caribbean tradition. Well, silly me decided to ask some other people of West Indian descent about pink rice when I got home, and all I can say is “Heaven Help Me Sah!!!”

When dem finish wid me, me haf fe hide weh.. lol.

I really should have known better than to even ask the question, but really I am a benefit of the doubt type of person. Maybe my parents, and my entire family of uncles and aunts had spared me the experience for some reason.

Anyway, the rice was fine, and the salad was topped off with some pineapple which gave it a very nice after taste in your mouth. The lamb curry was really good as well, but had a bit too much salt for me to give it any more than 3 out of 5. Definitely not too good for my health, but as a one off, I can live with it.

If you do decide to comment on my pink rice experience, please can I ask that you be a bit gentle with me.. Twas not my best of days.

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