Coconut Oil, Whats Your View

Coconut Oil, Whats Your View

I am now hearing stories that Coconut Oil is bad for my health. Now for me that is not the best of news as I have been using it rather than other oils for the best part of 8 months now.

Apparently Harvard University think it is as bad for you as any other oil out there. Its a good thing that there are others out there who disagree. Read the post at Sevennutrition for another view.

Currently I have no issues with it and will keep using it over other oils as I find its different texture is quite remarkable. And I have yet to see it burn when I am cooking any sort of food.

Coconut oil is plant based, so all the doom and gloom about it containing LDL’s is taken on board, but is also understood that one research paper will not change the path I have decided to take.

LDL’s are the bad lipoprotiens that can affect the heart, and they are aplenty in coconut oil (apparently).

Maybe one of the reasons that I have not had a major reaction to this story is because of the benefits I have had from the oil, and the fact that I do consume many of the best products that contain HDL’s. These are the lipoprotiens that they recommend you should consume, to reduce the level of LDL’s in your body.

Some of these foods are are listed in this write up on foods to increase your HDL levels. I consume quite a few of the foods on the list on a regular basis (thankfully). Nice to see that if all else fails, you can drown your sorrows in a glass of red wine.

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