I Can’t Do That!!!

Have you ever said that? When faced with a challenge that you do not believe is possible to achieve. Can I challenge that thought for a moment and get you to think differently? Lets say for a moment that anything is possible, or almost anything. So the next time you are faced with a challenge […]

How Often And Long Should You Exercise?

How many times a week should you exercise, and how long should your workouts be? It’s crucial to factor in rest days too. I saw this question posed online, and was very sceptical about the advice before I read some of the articles, but to be honest I have to admit it was a pleasant […]

Is Lack Of Sleep Killing Us, Or Just Driving Us Crazy?

Do you feel it? Most of us are not very conscious of the effects of lack of sleep. It can make us miserable, depressed, stressed, short tempered.. The list of negatives is very long. Yet none of us really see a lack of sleep for the problem it actually is. Just like some of us […]

Eat Carbs And Lose Weight

How to eat carbs and lose weight. Well I did not know that was possible! Or maybe it is.. Just stay young and carefree. I guess your metabolism will never slow down and you can eat whatever you like.. 🙂 There I am training myself to lower my carbohydrate intake and along comes an article […]

Sugar And Brain Health

There is a doctor advising that sugar has benefits for your brain. Like of course we know that!! That is why we feel good after eating a bar of chocolate right??? The sweet stuff has a habit of making us feel real good.. It also appears that our brains are the biggest consumers of the […]