Exercise List

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Inner Thigh Heel To Bum Extension Half and Half

On your side, pull your heel in towards your glutes. Then extend the leg again. Try to keep on your

Inner Thigh Pulse Half and Half

Keeping that leg straight and the heel pushed out. Use the inner thigh muscles to lift the leg. Try to

Squat Jumps Side To Side

Simple Squat Jumps from side to side. Keep your back straight and remember not to lean forward over those knees

Hamstring Squat

Go to a low squat position. From there slowly raise your bum and extend your legs and feel the stretch

Split Lunge

Get those legs wide as if you are doing a lunge. Keep feet fixed. Lower yourself until your knee touches

Split Squat

From a standing position. Go to kneeling with the aim of getting your knee in line with your ankle. When