About circuitstrong

It’s not that it can’t be done. It’s just that you have not worked out how. Taking the step of focusing on the mental aspect of my health and fitness was a greater life changing experience than I could have imagined at the time. Come and join me in my quest to use my mental fitness to improve my physical fitness and quality of life.


Control your muscular and skeletal frame, to move yourself or other objects. Not only the area of body builders and power lifters. We should all be capable to moving our own frame if there are no physical reasons preventing us from doing so.


To find something extra, even when you feel there is no more to give. Your stamina is your enduring strength. It is the engine that keeps you going when there is a requirement for a second wind, or there is just nothing left to give.


Control the spring in your step, to comfortably touch your toes or just grab your ankles without putting your body under too much strain. Your flexibility helps you to bounce back from the occasional knock, and react with speed without causing injury.


Anything is possible if you can harness your mental strength. It is your best friend, and your worse enemy. Convincing you that the easy is impossible, and the impossible can be achieved. This is the driving force behind all other strengths, and without it we are most definitely lost.