Training Sunday 26th November 2017

Well another week comes to an end, and we have had the times we can train changed on us this week. It means we will no longer be able to do 90 minutes of training on a Sunday. I guess you can call it the end of an era as the class on Sunday has moved up to 10:30. Anyway, as there have not been many people training on Sundays for a number of weeks now I guess it should not be that big of a deal It is the slow down to Christmas, and I will be taking it easy until the new year. At that time I can take a look at the things I would like to do and start over again. Will just have to keep one eye on the festivities and the waistline.

Training Saturday 25th November 2017


Training Sunday 19th November 2017

Another busy Saturday, another quiet Sunday this week. I guess I am sensing a patter in the run up to Christmas. We are not into December yet, and the party spirit appears to be taking hold. Or it could just be the cold weather. Still I am training even though it is only for an hour today, and we managed to do some good stretching as well.

Training Saturday 18th November 2017

Training Sunday 12th November 2017

Another busy Saturday, another quiet Sunday this week. Started with 3 and ended with two. Another intense 90 minutes. Unfortunately I appear to have aggravated my shoulder injury, so will need to take it easy for the next couple of weeks. Maybe I will take it a bit easy as we are coming up to Christmas anyway.

Training Saturday 11th November 2017

Training Sunday 5th November 2017

A busy Saturday, but

quiet Sunday this week. It was down to 3 of us and then by the end two in the final photo.

Training Saturday 4th November 2017