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We All Need Training

We all need training:

Yes, just like any pet you may have that you want to sit up, or get the paper, or not make a mess in the house, we all need ways to condition our minds to make the jobs we see as challenging that much easier, and more bearable. Or, even enjoyable, as the more we see a chore as being easy, the more likely we are to do it as part of a routine without finding an excuse to put it off until another day.

Before you get started on making a change I have a number of challenges for you. These will apply especially if you have an office based job, or do not move about a lot during the day. Ways to help you be more active during the day that can help to train your mind to the changes ahead.

Wake up and Dance:

Do you leave getting up in the morning to the very last minute? Try training yourself to get up at least 15 minutes earlier instead. Find your favourite tunes, and dance your way into the day. I spend the hour I take getting ready for work dancing every morning. Yes, it makes a big difference to plodding around the house, and is just the first step in preparing yourself mentally to take your day head on.

If you feel reluctant to get up earlier, think about what you are doing with those 15 minutes before you go to bed at night, or even 30 minutes. Are you doing nothing more than sitting in front of the TV, nodding off because you are too tired? Right, go to bed and get some proper sleep please. That way you can be up and alert in the morning so you can give this a try.

That Journey to Work:

If that journey involves taking transport, can you break it up so you can walk part of the way? Or better still, can you get off your mode of transport a bit earlier and walk? I take a bus into work, and get off a few stops early every day. I take a brisk 15 to 20 minute walk to work every morning. I have to leave home a bit earlier than usual, but I get into work more alert, so it has a few benefits when I get there anyway.

If your journey involves lifts or escalators try walking part of the way up the escalator, or using the stairs rather than the lifts. If not all of the way, then part of the way to get started.

While At Work:

If you work in a high-rise building, can you get off the lift a bit earlier and walk for part of your journey? If you take a break, can you go up, or down a few flights of stairs? Give it all a try. You might find it hard at first, but after a while you may find it getting a bit easier.

The challenges above are a great way to get started with getting fit. No, they are not part of a gym workout, but they are great ways to train your mind into getting used to a routine that will put you on the right path. Why? Because the mental application of what you need to apply to keeping fit is more important than the physical side. Getting your mind conditioned to meeting these simple challenges will help when the bigger challenges come your way.

While Out Walking:

Try gauging the amount of steps it will take you to cover a distance, say between two points. No planning mind. Just picking a visual start point and estimating how many steps it will take to get to your finish point. Or, you can try gauging the amount of time it will take you to cover said distance. These challenges are more about training you to manage your own perception of the time and space around you.

While Out Shopping:

How good is your mental arithmetic? When popping to the corner shop to pick up a few items. Challenge yourself to add up the totals of the items and work out your change before the person at the checkout can. I do this quite regularly with my local shopkeeper. Sometimes I can beat him quite comfortably, and sometimes (especially after a hard workout at the gym). I fail quite miserably to get anywhere close to the correct amount. Still I have been given the nickname calculator man, and there is a smile whenever they see me enter the shop. On the odd occasion they will try to throw me off with a totally wrong bill to see if I am paying attention as well. It all adds up to being a bit more alert so I am always happy for the challenge