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Setting Up Your Circuits

Exercise Focus

Most of us will say we can do the most basic of exercises, and there would be no argument about that. But are we doing those exercises correctly, or to the best of our abilities? This section of the site looks at what we may describe as our most basic exercises. Pressups (or Pushups), Plank, Situps, Tricep Dips, Squats. All using nothing but our own body weight.

Training Diagrams

Palnning and understanding your training diagrams helps when setting yourself a plan for exercise and fitness. Lets take a look at the diagrams section of the site to see what our options are when planning our training.

Plan Your Routine

Sets and reps, power and speed. Maybe flexibility. How do you plan to train? Are you prepared to put a time element into your training? Maybe a little Cardio?

Body Weight Circuit

Lets use the weight of our body to train. No free weights, just the power of ourlimbs to move our frame through our exercise routine.

Weights Circuit

What sort of weights circuit do we want to do then? Are we looking a free weights, or using the machines in a multi gym. They all have their uses, and will benifit different techniques.

Other Equipment

What other equipment can you use to improve your fitness? Some of my favourites are Glide Pads, Steps, and Pilates Balls. I am also prone to hitting a punchbag from time to time. Lets look at our options when other fitness tools come into play.

Putting It All Together

Putting it all together to make a circuit of your choice.