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Prepare For Change

Glass Half Empty, or Glass Half Full

It matters because being positive can make a real difference to the way you train, and YOUR perception of the results you see. In fact, getting a positive mindset can make the results a lot less important. As long as you are happy and satisfied, you can start your journey with a positive mindset.

Where To Start

You Have To Take Control: So the first rule of getting yourself into shape is to find yourself in a position where you are the one deciding you want to make a change. I have seen many cases where others have been dragged into a gym environment and pushed onto machines, or forced into doing exercises that are not really suitable for them, or they are not really keen on. They may keep going if others are there to push them along, but what happens when there is no one else to force them to go to the gym. Chances are the training will end as abruptly as it started.

Do Not Be Intimidated:

Be prepared to be in an environment where everyone appears to be fitter than you. That, and what they do does not matter to you. You are the only person that is relevant, and your training should suit you and no one else. What type of training you would like to do? Are you happy to train on your own, or do you prefer to train in a class. Are you the type of person who is happy to ask questions and is quite sociable or do you prefer to put you own music on and get on with it without being disturbed.

Travelling Distance.

Think about the distance to any gym you plan to use: It does not matter what time of the day you plan to train. Travel time can be a challenge to your commitment. It does not matter if you plan to get up early and go before work, or if you plan to train in the evening when you get home. If the time is not there you will find you are getting stressed before you start training.

How Much Time Are prepared to commit?

Come on, be honest… We all spend way too much time rushing around, and when we slow down we find ourselves so tired that many of us do not find it hard to put our feet up in front of the television. How many hours over how many days can you afford to give to getting yourself in shape, and what could potentially suffer as a result. Research the gyms in your area And remember that it is your money and commitment.

Do not sign up to anything that does not give you a trial period.

Do not be afraid to ask people who use the Gym what thoughts they have about using it and if it is the type of place they would recommend.

In it for the long haul Remember that there has to be a level of long term commitment to what you are about to do. Keeping yourself in shape is not only your objective, but to maintain a certain level has to be seen as a way of life from this point forward.