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Lets look at setting up a Routine that will help you to train.

We All Need Training

Yes, just like any pet you may have that you want to sit up, or get the paper, or not make a mess in the house, we all need ways to condition our minds to make the jobs we see as challenging that much easier, and more bearable. Or, even enjoyable, as the more we see a chore as being easy, the more likely we are to do it as part of a routine without finding an excuse to put it off until another day.

Prepare For Change

Is your Glass Half Empty, or is your Glass Half Full? It Matters because being positive can make a real difference to the way you train, and YOUR perception of the results you see.

Getting Prepared

The first question you should ask yourself is what is, or are your objectives. The second question is what is your plan to achieve that objective.

I find it is quite helpful sometimes.....

Diet Check

We hear every day certain food types are, or are not so good for us. We are also told about the amount of calories we should consume on a daily basis. Lets look at some ways we can make it easy for you to monitor both and see if we can use this information to make ourselves a bit healthier.

Health Check

To get where you feel you need to go, you will have to find a starting point in the form of a baseline of health. You can do this by doing a few health checks on yourself before you get started. It is not essential, but highly recommended. Especially if you have not done any exercises in quite a while. You should not go into strenuous exercises without having an idea of your limit.

Manage Vices

We have been getting the warnings about smoking and drinking for some time now. We also see the impact of the types fo food we are eating. We never really look at sleep though, and the impact it DOES have on our lives.